The company was founded in 2008 by Klaus Moth.
The Founder and the team have an in-depth product and market knowledge through many years of experience at a large global supplier of uninterruptible power supply systems, solar inverter suppliers and aerospace power suppliers.

Initially, the company intended to develop cleantech power generator solutions for mission critical applications.

The strive for sustainable competitiveness and the need to reduce development budgets forced us to think differently.

Our persistence – a key characteristic of LeanEco – gave results.

This pursue for uniqueness, value creation and simplicity lead to a real invention. The result was a genuine revolution – a paradigm shift not only in power electronic systems but also the way they are used and controlled.

LivingPower was born.

We started initial developments of this technology in 2010 – and we keep making new discoveries and innovations based on the LivingPower idea.