Our belief

In everything we do, we respect the nature and we trust nature’s way of doing things.

We do that by making technology alive.

Unlike traditional technologies limited to one-way monitoring and administration, we offer the World’s first interactive power infrastructure – LivingPower.

The results are unique:

  • Value creation by bridging people, processes and electrical power
  • Intelligent solutions that offer a new dimension of simplicity, agility and robustness
  • Elegant solutions to classic problems
  • A new playground for value creation and new services by integrating with applications, management and digitization.

We make interactive power solutions and services. We are much more than a hardware manufacturer.


Our vision is to become recognised as the pioneer and global leader of power virtualisation.


Electrical energy is today 20% of the World’s energy consumption. Over the next 10 years it will change to 40-70% and numerous energy technologies will become active players.

We power the change by making power alive.

Future-ready – a change from plain one-way monitoring into new services, value streams and real management. We will develop and drives business model innovation for LeanEco as well as for our partners.

We change the game by offering a long sought for differentiation in an unchanging market that struggles with “Red ocean” effects.

Initially, we target Uninteruptible Power Supply solutions (UPS).