Mission and Vision

In an unchanging market that struggles with lack of differentiation and “Red ocean” effects, We change the game.

We do that by LivingPower – a unique concept of virtual power resulting in

  • An interactive power solution (The World’s first and only)
  • Making the infrastructure alive
  • Bridging power and intelligent control.

The benefits of LivingPower depend on the application – typical results would be like

  • Cost effective: Uses 1.5 to 3 times less power converters for same function and capacity
  • Substantial key performance improvements like efficiency, availability, reliability and agility
  • Offering unique solutions to classic problems.

Actually, we have created a small revolution: Unlike traditional solutions that offer a limited one-way dialog, the LivingPower platform opens the door into a new dimension of interactive control, new services and new value streams.

Thus the LivingPower platform drives business model innovation for LeanEco as well as for our partners. A key to enter “Blue Ocean”!

We develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art infrastructure power solutions and services.