Making the infrastructure alive!

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A radical change: From Bookkeeping into Real Management

For years, the market has offered complex management software solutions.
And they have offered advanced socalled “configurators”, that basically a sales tool can help to generate a shopping list.

However sophisticated, they all suffer from the mutual limitation that they have no ability to change or control the actual power hardware system itself – at the most it is a passive, one-way monitoring.

We are more ambitious: In our opinion, management is to make things happen that otherwise would not happen!

Our LivingPower solution offers a radical change: A dynamic interactive system that can change itself or be changed on-the-fly.

The results:

  • Genuine simplicity
  • Genuine configurator that is able to – yes – configure the solution
  • On-demand change of architecture, capacity, functionality, priorities etc.
  • Highly autonomous – no need for user interaction, if this is desired
  • The DNA of business model innovation – enabling new services and value streams – e.g.
    • Management-as-a-service
    • Remote support
    • New functions, change of user interface, language etc.
    • Data logging, preventive maintenance
  • Performance improvements on all key parameters
  • Cost effective
  • Opens the door for external control and value creation (like server room mgmt.)
    • Fault handling
    • Ressource optimisation
    • Safety schemes
    • Energy cost optimisation

LeanEco’s unique power platform is patented (WO 2010/038152 A1)