Making the infrastructure alive!

DNA helix, biochemical abstract background with defocused strands, eps10LivingPower is an interactive power infrastructure.

Actually – the only interactive power infrastructure…

LivingPower allows for (examples)

  • Autonomous, pre-configured event-based re-configuration
  • User-controlled re-configuration (by a configurator)
  • Integration with system management (letting an application control the configuration in real-time).

This means that the power infrastructure can be made

  • Intelligent – built-in, autonomus response to events, clever solutions to classic problems, cost-effective etc.
  • Obedient and responsive – an active player in a system/application thereby creating value
  • Simple and agile – an advanced system that is managed by simple user interface tools in a non-technical way.

LivingPower is patented worldwide by LeanEco.