“We chose LeanEco because…”

“Avalonia is an IT company that every day works with our customers in an exciting environment of design and business. Evolution is a natural mindset for us, so we liked very much that a small startup company like LeanEco was the one that made a genuine breakthrough in the infrastructure area. The way they merge IT and infrastructure together is really clever, but still it is very easy to use. And we also like the modular concept of “pay-as-you-grow”. This really makes sense with the relatively low starting cost of LeanEco’s system – and because you get a much higher protection than you actually pay for. We now have a system that is future-proof, so we decide ourselves when and how to further exploit the control opportunities, expand the capacity etc. We bought a modular UPS system from LeanEco in June 2012 and it has been operating perfectly ever since. And we are happy with a competent supplier that answers the phone, and who is located nearby.”

Olav Nørgaard
CEO, Avalonia A/S

“We chose LeanEco because…”

Michael Petersen_1

“Coromatic is a Nordic market leading expert in IT security, safeguarding the physical IT environment and our clients’ business continuity – in the datacentre as well as in all of the facility.
LeanEco’s new LivingPower concept is a true sensation that brings a new-to-the-World level of user benefits and ease of use to the table.
We are sure that we will see more innovation from these people.
We have chosen LeanEco as a supplier of high-end UPS equipment, because their solution is clever, it’s highly innovative – and only LeanEco offers it.”

Michael Petersen
CEO, Coromatic Denmark