System type Description
Master Cage 60


Uninterruptible Power Supply system
Double Conversion topology
400 VAC 3-phase inputs and outputs
Modular, scalable 10-60 kW
19” rack solution
Hot swappable 10 kW Power Heart converter modules
Hot swappable Power Trunk battery enclosure
Hot swappable Battery Blade cartridges
Extended runtime power generator
Now: Diesel generator compatible
Future: Fuel Cell, modular generator


Module type Description Data
Power Heart
A 10 kW converter module
Automatic re-configurable as Inverter or Rectifier
Can be parallelled/stacked for more capacity/redundancy
Insertion/removal in a few seconds during system operation
Note: Two modules are needed to form a ”double conversion” UPS function
Height: 2U
Weight: 12 kg
Power Trunk
Battery magazine for eight Power Blade battery cartridges
Supports up to 20 kW AC load (equivalent)
May be stacked for more capacity or redundancy
Insertion/removal in a few seconds during system operation
Height: 8U
Weight: 15 kg (without batteries)
Battery Blade
Battery cartridge with eight rechargeable 12V/7Ah high quality VRLA batteries
Insertion/removal in a few seconds during system operation
Height: N/A – included in a Power trunk
Weight: approx. 23 kg
Output Panel Modular power output (a so-called ”Power Distribution” function).
Includes output fuse (16 or 32A) and ”service bypass switch” and a cable (CEE connector). Several OP’s may be applied for each zone.
Also available as a variant with automatic fuse and earth fault relay.
The module is manually configured (selecting the output zone) before mounting.
Height: ”0U”
(mounting at the backside of the rack backplane)
Man-Machine Interface


The UPS system is autonomous to a new-to-the-world level. Define a few key settings, and the system takes care of the rest.
The Man-Machine-Interface is used to define the key settings. It can also be used to monitor loads, voltages and currents as well as the main system states.