IT & Telecommunication

Case: Network hub/access point

The loads

  • A: 20 kW servers, switches, IP telephony, storage (No-break)
  • B: 6-7 kW cooling – peak 20 kW (tolerates limited outages)


  • Extended runtime demand (batteries – no diesel generator)

Unique benefits

Traditional modular UPS solution

  • One 40 kW N+1 (equivalent to 10 converters)

Benefits using the LeanEco solution

  • Uses 50% fewer power converters
  • No UPS loss on cooling during normal operation

How it’s done

The VirtualGenerator™ function automatically re-allocates power modules when a grid outage occur.


  • Zone 2: powers the IT load
  • Zone 3: powers the cooling (in by-pass during normal operation)